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Manifest Cinema Destiny

I’m not trying to act like I got something against tradition. As if… I didn’t watch a hearty cross-section of cinema, through varied times and cultures. Don’t effin’ get me wrong, I’m a cinephilin’ mothafucka, muthafucka!

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Dae Kim
My Asian Americans, Cinema Is…

My Asian-Americans, indie cinema was never built for you. Literally, the entrepreneurs’ visions were never of Asian American throngs coming to an arthouse theater they were building to make a solid return on investment. Independence is a colonial illusion.

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Dae Kim
The Only Honest Media Is…

Now U know almost everything
But U are the one who knows least what it all means.

The thrill of the spectacle
Adrenaline-pounding mass views
Control at all costs!
This is low class
This is a sham
U don’t want any of THIS!

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Dae Kim
They Are the Clowns We Need

They are the clowns we need
Trying to get bunches of us
Scared enough so
they get to tell
People what to do
Because one is better than many
Glory comes through the one
who is not you
You are the willing sheep
Lucky to not miss out.

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Dae Kim